Spring 2022

The New Year is upon us! We are pleased to present the new initiative :

"SPRING 2022" with important discount coupons to be used on future purchases made only and exclusively on our e-commerce, www.bobanjoy.com.

These discount vouchers or coupons are called "Spring Tickets" and will be usable until 23:59:59 on June 30th, 2022.


Participating is very simple, every purchase made on our e-commerce, www.bobanjoy.com, of a value greater than or equal to two hundred euros and at the same time less than four hundred euros, involves obtaining one, and only one, Spring Ticket with a value of 15.00 euros (fifteen euros), on the other hand, any purchase over four hundred euros entails the obtaining of one or more Spring Tickets worth 20.00 euros (twenty euros). The possibility to collect Spring Tickets starts from Friday 1 April 2022.

The Spring Ticket is not nominal, therefore it can also be given as a gift or sold, the beneficiary will be able to enjoy the COUPON once, it cannot be combined with other initiatives in progress and must be consumed no later than 23:59:59 on June 30th 2022.

The purchase made with the use of a Spring Ticket does not give the right to receive other Spring Ticket.

The promotional initiative for the accumulation of Spring Tickets stops at 23:59:59 on June 21st, 2022.


NUMBER = SINGLE PURCHASE VALUE / 400 = the value must be positive and count the whole part greater than or equal to at least 1 without any rounding

EXAMPLE for € 1,120.69 _ NUM = 1120.69 / 400 = 2.80 THEN TWO Spring Tickets for € 20

EXAMPLE for € 2.409.00 _ NUM = 2409.00 / 400 = 6.02 THEREFORE SIX € 20 Spring Ticket

EXAMPLE for € 579.50 _ NUM = 579.50 / 400 = 1.44 THEREFORE ONE 20 € Spring Ticket

EXAMPLE for € 400.00 _ NUM = 400.00 / 400 = 1.00 THEREFORE ONE 20 € Spring Ticket

Otherwise if the result is less than 1:

EXAMPLE for 399.99 euros _ NUM = 399.99 / 400 = 0.99 THEREFORE ZERO € 20 Spring Ticket but ONE € 15 Spring Ticket

EXAMPLE for 200.01 euros _ NUM = 200.01 / 400 = 0.50 THEREFORE ZERO € 20 Spring Ticket but ONE € 15 Spring Ticket

EXAMPLE for 199.99 euros _ NUM = 199.99 / 400 = 0.49 THEREFORE ZERO Spring Ticket

The sum to be included in the calculation is that of each single purchase, regardless of the number of items present. Different orders are not reported in the summation. In case and for any other clarification, do not hesitate to contact us!


You can use only one Spring Ticket of any value, for future purchases and only with a minimum cost of € 200.00 (two hundred euros).

If you have more than one Spring Ticket and intend to make purchases worth more than 500.00 euros (five hundred euros), contact us before proceeding with the order!

Purchases made during the ticket accumulation period lose the right to convert into a Spring Ticket if the return procedure is opened and authorized or in the case of a request for intervention under warranty, it is not completed by the expiry of the promotional initiative. Therefore, in any case of opening a refund request, the order subject to this request is not valid for conversion into a Spring Ticket.

If one of the above cases occurs after the assignment of the COUPON, but with the COUPON still not used, and the reimbursement operations are also carried out, in the absence of the existence of the Spring Ticket, the corresponding COUPONS are automatically canceled. If one of the above cases occurs after the assignment of the COUPON, but with the COUPON already used, the requests for return and reimbursement that may be in progress automatically expire, in this case without the possibility of appeal.

Purchases completed with the "Immediate Discount" initiative do not give the right to accumulate Spring Ticket.

The guarantee on products is always valid as per current regulations. For more information, visit the General Conditions of Sale page.