Discount Immediately

This particular initiative of ours allows you to interact directly in the preparation phase for the purchase. What does this mean? It means that, instead of having to wait for solutions such as cashback or purchase vouchers such as accumulated points, or even discount codes for future purchases, you can get an immediate discount on the purchase you are about to make.

Technically, Discount Immediately is the way to solicit attention on purchases on our portal, once the cart has been filled, send the entire list to the email address, carefully specifying in addition to your email address also a telephone number to be contacted as quickly as possible.

Our staff will take care of analyzing every single item of your provisional cart, and then propose a personalized offer of the type "Take it or Leave it" to be exercised within 24 hours.

The personalized Discount Immediately offer, corresponding to the cart or wish list submitted, must be exercised in the manner indicated in the "Take it or Leave it" communication specifically sent.

Alternatively, the Discount Immediately mode can also be requested when the order has been placed, but no later than 5.00 pm on the day following the date of the order. In this case, in addition to the name and telephone number, also indicate the order number received in the communication containing the order confirmation of the purchase proposal.

Purchases completed with the "Discount Immediately" initiative do not give the right to accumulate Spring Tickets of the "SPRING 2022" campain.

For any other information do not hesitate to contact us!